This is where authors can sign up to participate in the Eastern Sierra Book Festival for free. We will introduce you to the audience and sell your books.

You set the price, and 60% of the retail price goes back to you. The other 40% will benefit the Southern Mono Historical Society. Unsold copies are returned to you.


The Mammoth Creek Inn is offering a 10% discount to festival attendees. This is a lovely inn right on Mammoth Creek and the Hayden Cabin, the site of the festival. Book online at or call 760-934-6162 or 866-466-7000. Use the code BOOK21.

There is also a studio and one-bedroom apartment available through Cerro Coso College. Prices are $60 or $80 per night plus one-time $50 cleaning fee and 14% TOT tax. Both have kitchen facilities though kitchen supplies are limited. Contact Brett Barker (number and email address available upon request).

The Eastern Sierra Book Festival is sponsored by Whistling Rabbit Press and hosted by the Southern Mono Historical Society.