We’re back in person! We are scheduling a live event back at the beautiful Hayden Cabin along the bubbling Mammoth Creek in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Speakers, books for sale and for free, giveaways, games, and a Meet-the-Authors event.

Come as your favorite literary character, and let us guess who you are.


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Confirmed speakers (Complete schedule coming) :

Clifford Davis, Shakespeare Professor, “Hamlet’s To Be or Not To Be”

Jeff Gabriel, Director of the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association, “Bringing Ansel Adams’ Book Born Free and Equal Back to Life”

Terry Pierce, Author, “Things to Know about Writing for Children”

Sandy Powell, author of the new book, “Cowboy Culture: Capturing the Spirit of the Old West in the Sierra Nevada”

Christopher Platt, Mono County Library Director, “What I’ve Been Reading”

R.D. Kardon, Author, “Turning Real Life into Fiction”

Joe Reidhead, Publisher, “Publishing Standards, Trends, and Options in 2021”

Also: David Carle, Debbie Boucher, Robert Joki and more!


Cliff Davis is a professor of English at Cerro Coso Community College. He was Faculty Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Languages from 2005 until 2015 and is now Chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Council. He earned an MA in Classics from University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Comparative Literature at UCLA, majoring in English, Classics, and German. He passed all of the exams for a Ph.D. at UCLA and was working on his dissertation when he was hired by Cerro Coso in 2001. He has published a number of articles on classical and Renaissance literature. (Psst: He’s also a really great teacher.)

Well-known children’s author Terry Pierce will also join us. A former Montessori teacher and the author of 23 children’s books (at last count), she now writes full-time and teaches children’s writing courses for the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. Long inspired by the Eastern Sierra, she drafted one of her books while resting at a vista point along a Mammoth Lakes bike path.

In a book filled with unique western images, inspiring stories from the trail, memorable cowboy poetry, and some western history, photographer Sandy Powell brings to life the real Wild West in the extraordinary people who pack mule-strings into the mountains, race over mountain passes on horseback while recreating the Pony Express, and drive cattle out of the high country each fall.

Christopher Platt, Mono County Librarian and former New York City System Librarian, will kick us off at 9 a.m. with a review of what he’s been reading. This is a not-to-be-missed time slot (I’m serious). You’ll learn more of value in 30 minutes than all those Book Review sections you’re always putting aside to read later. [Photo by Don Chambers]

R.D. Kardon is a former pilot who has written two thrillers about a female pilot navigating a man’s world.